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Freecom usb con My theatre.


Hola compañeros tengo el problema que no lo puedo utilizar el my theatre por que no me lo reconoce cuando le doy a buscar los canales no me reconoce el aparato, he leido que hay que instalar los drivers del Yakumo o los de Hama, yo tengo instalados los de hama por que me gusta mas el porgrama que trae este que el del propio aparato, pero despues de instalar my theatre no hay manera, que conste que con una sintonizadora de zaapa si sintonizo canales, haber si alguien me puede explicar mas o menos como he de hacerlo pra que se pueda ver, siento tanto tocho, jejejejejeje.

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Despues de buscar por paginas lo unico que he conseguido es este texto que esta en ingles haber si alguien lo puede traducir por que el traductor de google como que no me aclara las cosa mucho:

OK, here's how I did it.

NB: I've only tested this for about 20 minutes. There are likely to be areas where I have screwed up!

Step 1. Remove the old Freecom software and drivers (skip this step if it's not already installed)

Un-install the software from Control Panel

Go into c:\windows\inf and delete the files dtv*.inf and then look at the files that begin oem*.inf. You can double click these files and open them in notepad, If you look at the last few of these files you'll see that one of them refers to the Freecom dtv, delete that file (it was oem16.inf on my system).

Now go into Device Manager and choose View/Show hidden devices. Go down to the 'Sound, video and game controllers' section and delete the 'digital tv device'.

Now physically REMOVE the Freecom device!

Step 2. Download the BDA drivers

Download this file: (link roto) kstick/

Unzip the archive, inside there is another zip file called - unzip this too.

Step 3. Install the driver

Plug the Freecom device back in, I would recommend that you use a different USB port, I had problems using the same one.

When promted for the driver, choose the option to select it's location manually and point to the 'Yakumo_Quickstick_Treiber' folder you created in step 2. Most of the drivers will be installed but you will recieve an error that it could not find one of the components - ignore this.

Unplug your Freecom wait 10 seconds then plug in back into the same USB port, it will now find the driver for the missing component and all should be well.

You can optionally install the YakumoTvViewer8.11.05 application at this point. It's worth installing as it allows to make sure your FreeCom device is working and it's actually much better than the original Freecom software.

Step 4. Setup gbpvr

Make sure you have a muxer installed, I downloaded and installed the free trial of showshifter:

Add this section to the end of your bda.ini file c:\Program Files\devnz\gbpvr\bda.ini

Freecom DVB
FILTER_TUNER=Digital TV Receiver
FILTER_CAPTURE=Digital TV Device Capture
Restart your PC and follow the setup instructions for gbpvr.


I havn't tested this very much at all.

I haven't tested the remote at all.

This page was very useful: (link roto)