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your invoice with the number 70779xxx from July 2013


Hello, I will say you, yesterday I have send you € 90,75 but I have paid with reservation of the accuracy.

I have never recieved a invoice with € 90,75. About 6 times I have ask you for a copie of the invoice with the number 70779xxx.

you was never in the able to send me such a copie. Why ??????

It can not be that this invoice is for calls and Internet, because in July 2013 I had already Internet with calls with Movistar with a better price than your price.

And for the Router it can not be also, because I have get from you gratis. Although this router was gratis, you calculate now this Router with € 90,75.

I have the router still here and I can send you back when you want it. This router is worthless for me.

So you have recieved my money wrongly, because 1.) the router was gratis 2.) you can recieved back the router

When you can not hold what you promise in your online offers, than you can not write there, that the router is gratis.

Also your layer was not in the able, that I recieve a copie of the invoice nr. 70779xxx

Now I give you time 14 days, to send me back the money you have recieved wrongly

After this time I will give the documents my layer, because you advertise on the Internet with false information (router free)

I hope to hear from you soon. you can write me to this email address xxxxxxx

kind regards

Klaus Daiber


This is not an official forum from Orange phone company. It's an independent forum for users to talk about providers.

Nobody will answer to your mail address. Furthermore, the moderators here will edit out your personal data.

You should never post personal data un a public forum. Ever!


the router was gratis


You should like to say that ''the router was free'', and ''copy'', it isn't? :P

As ''BocaDePez'' has said, you shouldn't say any personal information or data in websites etc...

I recommend you to contact Orange Spain, because they will be able to help you, ok?

The official number for service assistance in english language for Orange Spain it's ''902.011.900''. (Please, note that it's a ''902'' number, and the call won't be free).

I hope this comment will help you ;)

PD: It's like you have used the Google Translator to write your comment, because the sentence:

yesterday I have send you € 90,75 but I have paid with reservation of the accuracy.

Have no sense, you have send money to me??? I don't understand the sentence xD