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        Urgent maintenance and upgrades

        Septmeber 09, 2008

        RapidShare was not available due to a hardware error in our network segment. The issue on our network element is solved. At the same time we extended our capacities and bandwidth. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

        Top Speed: RapidShare Upgrade completed

        September 02, 2008

        This week we have completed the infrastructure upgrade with the result, that premium users can now enjoy full speed again. Also, we are able to allocate bandwidth to free users dynamically: Depending on the overall traffic you can up- and download with up to 2,0 megabit per second. If it is crowded though, you might experience only 0,2 megabit per second, since we always put our premium users first.

        Thus, we have raised the daily premium download traffic from 5 gigabyte to 10 gigabyte. Please keep in mind that it is still necessary to limit the maximum download speed for free users to protect RapidShare from congestion caused by automated downloading. To compensate for that, we already eliminated the waiting period before starting a succeeding download.

        We wish you a pleasant time using and apologize for any inconvenience you might have experienced during the transition period.