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    • as seen here Hard set your PC to the IP address of…

      as seen here

      Hard set your PC to the IP address of, with a gateway of, netmask of

      From there the unit will either boot up into a firmware or it will return with the power LED being red again. In the case of the latter, make sure you have the 1.01.25 firmware handy (or whatever version works well for you) then cd to the directory you have the firmware bin file and type the following:

      tftp -i PUT C:\where\you\put\firmware.bin

      Let it upload, this will complete after about 10 - 20 seconds. From here, the unit will decompress the bin file and set things right. This can take a couple of minutes. DO NOT POWER CYCLE THE UNIT whilst this is happening. Give it up to 10 minutes before assuming things have gone wrong. Once it's done, the unit will reboot, and will then boot normally into the new firmware. Depending on how well you destroyed things (like me) you may find you are completely back to factory defaults, or then again you may also find that your settings from before you had messed things up are back and you are immediately ready to rock and roll.

      In the case that it boots into your OpenWRT firmware or something else, the above tftp command should be initiated during the first five (5) seconds of the unit booting up. If you start the tftp after this first 5 seconds you'll miss the boat and have to start again.