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update spanish b21 to italian b36?



Do i will be able to connect to internet if i will update the firmware of my spanish VF station HG553 from version b21 to the version b36 of the italian VF station Hg553?

Thanks in advance! :)


The ADSL protocol must be the same in both firmware versions... So, it will work.

PD: Don't forget to make a backup of the configuration before update :)

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I can tell you that the ADSL protocol will be exactly the same. Of course I didn't tried but it doesn't change the fact that I'm right :)

Yo always have the possibility of downgrade the firmware and restore the original configuration.

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Ok, Thank you for your advice.



I have made the update for Spanish B21 to Italian B36, but as I am in Brazil I lost my ADSL connection.

How can I update back to the Spanish version?

And how can I access the advanced english menu?

Thx very much