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    Telefonica disservicio! aiudame por favor (english spanish)

    Hola !

    Sorry for troubling you, but I do not know who can I ask for help!

    I’m an Italian reseracher just arrived here for working in a spanish biopharma company.

    I’m writing this e-mail since I have a problem with ADSL connection in a small center of Pais Basque and I do not know who should I contact. I know that Telefonica is the main provider here and maybe for lot of time the stronger one.
    The problem arises, I guess from Telefonica. But I can not find any help from them ( I tried to call the “customer service”...better to say “dis-service”) but they check, as I’m doing on internet, for availability of service I’m requesting and when they see there is none, they simply say no (they do not care too much about money, for what I have understood). If you go to a “tienda” they basically do the same as they are not interested in dealing with your problems for a fixed line, but instead they want to sell mobiles.
    As I have understood for this region the only company that provides you cable service is Euskatel. Went to a “tienda” where all the attendants told me different things. At the end they proposed me to call the number for “customer service” (better in this case “dis-service” as well) for free (coming from a foreign country I do not have a fixed line and not exactly fluent in spanish....of course customer service do not speak one word in any other language than euskera or castellano....). Phone call was expensive (I had to do it from a mobile phone) and unuseful. They checked for my cable connection (there is not) and they said no way.
    So at the end I tried to get my connection from Orange or, paying much more (it is like 62 euros per month as I have to pay Telefonica line as well) and I still do not know if they will be able to complete the request. During these days I made a bit off research since we do not want to live in a apartment we are renting without the possibility to get an internet connection.
    People told me that Telefonica check for lenght of cable from the central and availability of DSL on the central. So first of all I checked on Telefonica if my village was not covered. Actually I checked only the number 1 of my street who is covered. I found a software on who gives you your central. I checked my distance from the central. The distance is about 4 km for me and 3.6 for the number 1 (who is covered by Telefonica). So I guessed is a problem of lenght. I do not mind for 400 meters, and actually I do not expect that big difference, since I realised that Telefonica is covering the number 4 (which is 20 meters away from my house). So once again I realised the lenght for Telefonica does count........until today I realised that the mumber 13 and 15 of my street (farer from the Telefonica central than my house) are covered as well. All the numbers belong to the same central.
    Now can you please help me for some questions I have?
    So now, if Orange or can do the service I will have actually to pay like 20 euro monthly more than Telefonica. I would have done the service with Telefonica, but actually there was no way to communicate with them. Who can I ask for help in case I can not have the service done? Who can I blame if I’m going to pay a lot more for this service? Is there any office who is dealing with these problems in Spain or in the Basque country?
    Thank you very much for all the help you can provide to me!!

    Best Regards

    Translation of the text made on internet for spanish
    Traducción del texto hecho en el Internet para el español

    ¡Hola! ¡
    Apesadumbrado para preocupar le, sino me no sepa quién puede yo pedir ayuda! Soy un reseracher italiano acabo de llegar aquí para trabajar en una compañía española del biopharma. Estoy escribiendo este E-mail puesto que tengo un problema con la conexión del ADSL en un centro pequeño del vasco de Pais y no sé que quiénes si yo entran en contacto con. Sé que Telefonica es el abastecedor principal aquí y quizá para la porción de tiempo el más fuerte. El problema se presenta, yo conjetura de Telefonica. Pero no puedo encontrar ninguna ayuda de ellos (intenté llamar el "service" del cliente... mejor decir "deservicio") pero comprueban, como estoy haciendo en Internet, porque disponibilidad del servicio que estoy solicitando y cuando ven allí no son ningunos, dicen simplemente ningún (no cuidan demasiado sobre el dinero, porque qué he entendido). Si usted va a un "tienda" hacen básicamente igual que no están interesada en ocuparse de sus problemas para una línea fija, sino que por el contrario desean vender móviles. Como he entendido para esta región la única compañía que le proporciona servicio de cable es Euskatel. Fue a un "tienda" donde todos los asistentes me dijeron diversas cosas. En el extremo me propusieron para llamar el número para el "servicio de cliente" (mejor en este caso "deservicio" también) para libre (viniendo de un país extranjero no tengo una línea fija y fluido en español servicio de cliente del curso....of no hable no exactamente una palabra en ninguna otra lengua que el euskera o el castellano....). La llamada telefónica era costosa (tuve que hacerla de un teléfono móvil) y unuseful. Comprobaron para saber si hay mi conexión de cable (no hay) y ellos dichos ninguna manera. Tan en el extremo intenté conseguir mi conexión de naranja o de, pagando mucho más (es como 62 euros por mes como tengo que pagar la línea de Telefonica también) y todavía no sé si pueden terminar la petición. Durante actualmente mí hice un pedacito de la investigación puesto que no deseamos vivir en un apartamento que nos estamos alquilando sin la posibilidad para conseguir una conexión del Internet. La gente me dijo que comprobación para de Telefonica el lenght del cable de la central y de la disponibilidad del DSL en la central. Tan primero de todos comprobé en Telefonica si mi aldea no fue cubierta. Comprobé realmente solamente el número 1 de mi calle se cubre que. Encontré un software en que le da su central. Comprobé mi distancia de la central. La distancia es cerca de 4 kilómetros para mí y 3.6 para el número 1 (quién es cubierta por Telefonica). Conjeturaba tan soy un problema del lenght. No importo para 400 metros, y no cuento con realmente esa diferencia grande, puesto que realicé que Telefonica está cubriendo el número 4 (que es 20 metros de ausente de mi casa). Realicé tan de nuevo que el lenght para Telefonica cuenta........until que realicé hoy que el mumber 13 y 15 de mi calle (farer de la central de Telefonica que mi casa) está cubierto también. Todos los números pertenecen a la misma central. ¿Ahora puede usted ayudarme por favor para algunas preguntas yo tener? Tan ahora, si la naranja o puede hacer el servicio tendré realmente pagar como 20 euros de mensual más que Telefonica. Habría hecho el servicio con Telefonica, pero realmente no había manera de comunicarse con ellos. ¿Quién puede yo pedir ayuda en caso de que no pueda hacer el servicio hacer? ¿Quién puede culpa de I si voy a pagar mucho más este servicio? ¿Hay oficina que se esté ocupando de estos problemas en España o en el país vasco? ¡Gracias mucho por toda la ayuda que usted puede proporcionarme!!

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      [Editado 24/06/07 00:44]

      As you already opened a thread some days ago for this very…

      As you already opened a thread some days ago for this very same problem, I think you should have stuck to that thread instead.

      First of all, did you provide just the address at Telefonica shop, or did you provide the number?. As I told you —call it conspiracy theory or not— they might refuse giving service if the number has been transferred to Tele2 and thus not appearing in their own number databases.

      Secondly, most phone companies don't work with unbundled local loops (ULL) in this country. Tele2 and Jazztel are the only ones who currently disengage from Telefonica with their ADSL2+ offers. If you hire ADSL from any other provider, you will still have to pay the line rent to Telefonica.

      With Telefonica itself, you just get 3000/300 ADSL for 63.50 €/month (ADSL contract + voice contract + line contract). But if you're too far away to get 3 Mbps, they haven't got a 1 Mbps offer any longer. Other ISPs might have.

      Why did you choose Orange? By the way, Orange has just bought because Deutsche Telekom wanted to get rid of it.

      Have you tried to contact Jazztel? Have you tried to set up a new phone line, overriding the old one?
      Have you tried to look for a different house to rent? ;-)

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        Hola I guess your last question is a bit silly to do not say…

        I guess your last question is a bit silly to do not say complete stupid!......what about if you have already paid the contract and real estate agency? You just loose all the money because a shit service? Who is going to pay for that?

        Sorry to re post the problem but I think I added or I can add more infos.

        So after looking at "white pages" for telephone numbers....

        My apartment is at the number 7. There are 2 telephone numbers at number 7 that can be connected with Telefonica (no matter what service you request even 3 Mbps and television). There are number that can be connected to Telefonica even at number 13 and 15. They have low numbers for the last three number like 000, 002, 078 and so on.....
        If you look for location the number 7 is not covered at all, but if you look for telephone numbers you do find some of them to be covered. So there is a difference even between locations and telephone numbers in the Telefonica website. If you look only for locations all the streets in the village seems to be covered for zonas no matter what is the distance from the central (which by the way is the same central for every one). Then if you look for telephone numbers the areas that are not covered have some numbers that are covered and some areas that are not.......

        This is what I call a "shit service" since every one is looking at the Telefonica website and Telefonica website is far from being complete I guess.

        What to do? Write a formal letter to Telefonica, wait until Orange do not complete the work, what to do?

        Once again stupid things like change your apartment or come back home do not solve my problems and do not solve a problem you can have one day as well......I hope at least people here (since you are using internet as well) can help and suggest something useful!

        Have a nice day

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          [Editado 24/06/07 15:29]

          Of course I don't know if you already made a deal with your…

          Of course I don't know if you already made a deal with your real estate agency. In the other thread you said that you still were living at the hotel. Don't get mad at people willing to help you, and realize we sometimes use emoticons.

          Telefonica will never answer to your hand written letters or emails. You shouldn't also trust their website. If their database is not updated, the only way to ask for a service is calling 1004 and speak with a salesman. Anyway, take that with a grain of salt: you shouldn't EVER trust ANYBODY related to telecommunications in this country.

          Make a new phone contract with a new phone line. Or wait for Orange. Anyway, it's very soon; things are slow over here, you will barely have a reply from Orange earlier than 3-4 weeks.

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            So Orange can actually take 2-3 weeks to say no way? I was…

            So Orange can actually take 2-3 weeks to say no way?

            I was thinking some more official than hand written mails....or emails

            Anyway all the Salesman are checking the database and not anything if the database says no....they say no as well. Even if it appears to me that Telefonica database is f...ed up.

            Anyway why they should stop Orange or some other companies to rent the lines and try to get the connection? If the line is too long (3.5 km) then I will probably have less speed, but at least some that is better than nothing I guess.

            I LOLed much at this: at number 13 of my street there is the Office for informatics of Basque Country.......they are not covered by DSL!!!!

            Cheers and thank for the help

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      BocaDePez BocaDePez

      I think you haven't any problem with an adsl connection.…

      I think you haven't any problem with an adsl connection. Well, the real problem is that you haven't any ADSL connection, but you want to get one. I can see you talked with Telefonica ( 1004 ), but they say that, where you live, ADSL doesn't exist. After, you were in Euskaltel and they told you, more or less, the same thing. The only thing you can do is to acces to internet by RTB ( basic service, no ADSL ) or try to get service from Vodafone, Movistar, Euskaltel movil, etc.

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        BocaDePez BocaDePez

        Traducción ( que se me olvidaba ): Creo que no es que tengas…

        Traducción ( que se me olvidaba ):

        Creo que no es que tengas un problema con tu conexión ADSL, sino que el problema real estriba en que no tienes conexión ADSL pero quieres tenerla. Veo que has hablado con Telefónica ( en el 1004 ), pero te han dicho que no prestan el servicio de ADSL donde vives. Luego has hablado con Euskaltel y te han dicho lo mismo. Lo único que puedes hacer es acceder por RTB o intentar acceder a través de Vodafone, Movistar, Euskaltel móvil, etc.