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¡Qué se nos va Kdenlive!, OMG!


No se sabe nada del desarrollador principal ni se observa movimiento en el desarrollo. Kdenlive busca nuevo dueño.


KDE's Kdenlive Video Editor Has Gone Dark

While there's many Kdenlive fans out there for the KDE-focused open-source video editor, it seems new development efforts around the project have ceased.

A Phoronix reader wrote in this morning, "Kdenlive's project leader JBM who always used to let people know if he was going to be away for a couple of days seems to have just disappeared. His last email was in early July and didn't suggest any problems. Commits from anyone have similarly been almost non existent since then also. I'm forwarding this to you because Kdelive is my favorite Linux video editor. If the leadership and commits are gone, then I'm really hoping some publicity of that will encourage someone to fork or pick up the project and keep it going. The worst thing that could happen would be that no one is every aware that there's a problem, but that there's just never a new release again as people drift away."


Umm, parece que Gnome-mplayer busca adopción, según leo en Barrapunto. Como está el patio.


Acabo de ver Canal9 irse a negro y ahora kdenlive, la única herramienta decente de maquetado de vídeos.