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¿Nueva moneda irlandesa? Irlanda busca prensas para imprimirla.


Según informa The Wall Street Journal Irlanda busca prensas para imprimir una nueva moneda.

"In recent weeks, officials at Ireland's central bank have held preliminary discussions about whether they might need to acquire additional printing capacity in case the euro zone ruptures or Ireland exits in order to return to its prior currency, the Irish pound, according to people familiar with the matter. Officials have discussed reactivating old printers or enlisting a private company, the people said. "All kinds of things are being looked at that weren't being looked at two months ago," according to a person at one meeting. A spokeswoman for the Irish Central Bank declined to comment."

El que no corre vuela y por si las cosas se ponen feas ya hay quienes toman la delantera. :-O


Semejante estupidez solo podía publicarse en un periódico inglés.