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Huawei E1823 3.75G USB Modem Provides Highest Mobile Broadband Speed


Huawei E182 (ungebrandete Standard Version)
[…E1820]Huawei E1820[/url] (supports only the 2100MHz UMTS frequency, all else equal)
[…E1823]Huawei E1823 [/url] (with T-Mobile branding provided Huawei E182, and probably new hardware revision)
Huawei E1823 USB Dongle lived in a small plastic box comes with a USB extension cable and some leaflets and a digital manual on the stick. Externally, the stick is not spectacular, but is not a "cap" is present; the USB connection is extended via a slider mechanism. This is a good solution, because the cap is often lost in such drives and the USB connector is exposed. Otherwise worth mentioning: The connector for an external antenna on the side of the stick.
The installation of the driver software runs automatically when you plug in the usual way from the sticks, there are no problems. Huawei E1823 USB Stick on the "T-Mobile Internet Manager" for Windows and Mac OS X included and installed when needed, and we are using for this test, but the original Huawei Connection Software for Windows.
In order to test the speed of Huawei E1823, we have tried the stick in Bonn HSPA + network of T-Mobile. Here the data rate were for the most part well above the previously unattainable at 7.2 Mbit / s, real feeling with HSPA + downloads beyond the 14.4 Mbit / s but it was not - the networks will probably just be upgraded first.
Specifically: the download of a good server, I had an average of about 1MB / s which is about 8Mbit / s. The O2 and Vodafone network showed extremely high ping value, HSPA + in both networks but had not yet activated. But I will in particular the HSPA + network of T-Mobile in Bonn in the next few days to test further and complement this test if necessary.
The reception performance of the […paign=Huawei E1823 mobile broadband]Huawei E1823 mobile broadband [/url] is very good in the UMTS network, the GSM network Neat but not outstanding. For stationary use in poor regions such as supplied in the country should think anyway, to buy an external antenna.

Conclusion: Should we buy now are already an HSPA + stick, or is not such a high-speed stick the extra cost worth it? In my opinion, the investment is worth, all network operators rely on HSPA +.

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