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Hoy Telefonica me ofreció dial-up internet.....LOL


Sorry not spanish speaker here

I guess if I switch to english you will not understand anything as well. So let me know what language do you prefer.....

2) English

My knowledge of Castellano is at present really poor

Anyway I was offered today a dial up connection from Telefonica commercials. And they were esplaining to me what a dial up connection is......

What happens to Rural ADSL? Why Europe gave money to them to develop rural DSL if I have to go with a Dial up? Why Sky DSL is so poor they can not offer a service for mac users

So anyway I would not think about using dial up anymore.......but here....

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Mi no comprenda...


No se entiende un pijo.


Tienes razón.. Ramon Calderon amaño las elecciones del R.Madrid.

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I edited the message for english speakers....


I take care of the problem, but here in non-spanish posts are ignored...

Rural DSL is a shame... The only company that provides something like this, is Iberbanda, and not for the whole spanish territory. And isn't very cheap, too. Simetric 512kbps in LMDS technology plus 300min in national calls every month, costs 45€. Iberbanda is well financed by the Generalitat, in Catalunya, in the basic type of offer (256Kbps + calls) at the price of 28€.


Para los que no entendais ingles: a este tio , los de telefonica le han intentado vender un dial up 56k cuando les ha pedido un acceso ADSL rural... y se pregunta si no hay nada mejor ke Sky DSL... yo le he dicho que tiene Iberbanda, pero no es barato ni es para todo el pais. Ah! y que los posts que no estan en castellano, aqui en se la suda a todos (menos a mi ...).

Y si, mi ingles es una mierda, pero almenos me lo trabajo dia a dia respondiendo posts asi ¬¬''


Spain continues being different in a lot of aspects. as you say, there are a lot of rural areas without the avability of dsl lines and people just can connect via dialup.

there are another option, internet via satellite, but you need a dialup connection because satellite can't receive your upload data and it have to be sent via modem.

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Have you another company to propose than SkyDSL for satellite connection? As you have a mac (as I do) you should be aware that SKYDSL is not connecting Macs!!!

Actually my area is not covered by rural DSL, since my neighbours have Telefonica 1 Mbps DSL without being Rural and my street is covered until number 6 (I'm at number 7) also for 3 Mbps. The only problem is that they do not want to gimme DSL.......I was thinking that dial up is now only for very remote areas!!!!

Telefonica es mierda anyway!

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"Telefonica es mierda anyway! " LOL
that's true but the CEE left em keeping working like this and us the users can not do nothing than blaming and flaming in forums sorry the only way yu can do is try coverage whit your telefonic number in the other isps web pages like orange ,jazztel and tele2,ono adsl or there is another way but no idea if it will work or no ,it's call telefonica for put a new line whit adsl on it .


I remember that offers internet via sat. what problem do you have with skydsl to connect your mac?

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The problem with SKY dsl is in their web page. If you look at the FAQs you will find that Mac users are not supposed to be connected as they claim they can not connect mac users


Telefonica have and other kind of conecttions by satelite , you can chose the satelite symetric conecction.

His name IS ADSL Satelite Simetrico.

You can try to find a

Para los de aqui , también existe el ADSL satelite simetrico.

Ahora sobre precios....... ni idea

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no seas borrego, el adsl simetrico no existe

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Di que llamarle adsl a internet via satelite pero satelite simetrico si existe otra cosa es cuanto cuesta por mes :( y el equipamiento que vale un ojo de la cara i medio de entre 2000-3000 € dependiendo de si te lo financian o no.
Otra cosa adsl simetrico no exite seria ams corecto llamrle XDSL que es lo que yo tengo aqui en el curre 1200 /1200 de jazztel.

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joder, ke rapidez en contestar... la proxima vez probare con el ingles para mis consultas personales a ver si tengo la misma rapidez...

see you

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LOL 1400 Euro for a satellite dish? Can u get money from the EU to install this? Can u share the satellite with your neighbours? If not this is a pretty expensive internet!!!!

Anyway ULL=no for each company! Telefonica is the only that has cable and central in my area I guess ! I told you my neighbours have DSL with Telefonica, Tele2 and Orange!!

I guess there is no way to obtain DSL here in Spain in my flat! I guess technology is still unknown here or the gobierno is not enough potent to fight against a cartel like that in communications!!!!

I guess I will leave the flat in 1 month then! I will take in to account that you can have coverage at the number 3 but not at number 4...........nice one!!!!


Yo opino lo mismo. Si Calderón sigue un año más Madrid= Atletico.
Lo bueno que es saber idiomas.