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HG-556a B070SP03 firmware bug


I have some bug after install V100R001C10B070SP03 firmware on my HG-556a:

It works good, have PPPoE connection and I can ping any IP addresses, but when I use my router as DNS server it redirect any site to the router url to HSPA connection page and says ADSL is not connected.

If I manually replace DNS to GoogleDNS in my laptop it works good and i surf internet.

Maybe somebody know how to resolve this issue?

Google translate:

Tengo algunos errores después de instalar el firmware en mi V100R001C10B070SP03 HG-556a:

Funciona bien, tiene conexión PPPoE y puedo hacer ping a cualquier dirección IP, pero cuando uso mi router como servidor DNS que redirigir cualquier sitio a la url del router a la página de conexión HSPA y dice ADSL no está conectado.

Si reemplazar manualmente el DNS para GoogleDNS en mi ordenador portátil que funciona bien y puedo navegar por Internet.

Tal vez alguien sabe cómo resolver este problema?


You have to manually override the default DNS servers. Take a look at this screenshot:

(link roto)


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Its impossible because in V100R001C10B070SP03 firmware we need admin password. Do you know it?

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First you have to do a hard reset (keep the reset button pressed for at least 5 seconds) and unplug the ADSL cable.

The factory default user and password are:



But be careful, because Vodafone will overwrite your password as soon as you connect the router to the ADSL line!

To avoid this, you have to put garbage in the configuration of SNMP and TR-069 (fill all the values with a few random typed characters)