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Como desbloquear limites en Motorola Surfboard


Hola he leido por ahi unas cosillas para kitar el limite en los modems y poder bajar a cualquier velocidad, pero no me aclaro os copio lo ke pone y a ver si alguien saca algo... espero ke sea de ayuda y si alguien saca algo no seais warras y os calleis como marikones ayudad como estamos todos intentando ayudar.... bueno a ver si hay suerte y sacamos algo en claro cciao

By Mr_AniLl0

Posdata en las direcciones he

"It works for Motorola Surfboard modems (docsis) and most probably works for the others too. Download and install tftp suite pro. You can find it here: BTW, install it as SERVER not CLIENT 1-Goto and learn your DHCP servers ip (6th coulmn) (this link is for only motorola surfboard modems but you can still learn your dhcp server ip under "windows tcp/ip" properties too) 2-Change your pc's ip to that ip, your Subnet Mask to and your Default Gateway to the same ip (the one you learnt in the first step). So this means your Default Gateway and ip adress will be the same (your dhcp servers ip) and Subnet Mask is gonna be NOW RUN TFTP SUITE (it should show the ip which you learnt and changed your own ip to, in the first step -dhcp servers ip-) 3-Open an MS Dos prompt and write this: ping -t ( is the ip adress learnt in the first step). Wait until your pc is pinged at least 15 times. 4-Now plug of your the AC cable of your modem. Wait until the ping becomes responseless and after a few responseless ping, plug it back in to the ac.Do not stop pinging while doing this. 5-Now watch TFTP Suite and see which file is requested by the server. Note it somewhere. 6-Open the tftp suite's settings and set outbound file directory to something you choose.C:/windows/desktop forexample (default is empty). Rename the included file to the one requested by the server (extension .cm will remain the same) and put it in the directory which you have set as outbound in tftp suite (C:/windows/desktop in our example). 7-Start pinging the pc again and after 15 times or so unplug the AC cable again.Wait untill ping becomes responseless and plug it back in. 8-Stop pinging after the pc replies "two times". 9-Watch the file going and get excited... 10-Now goto tcp/ip and choose Obtain an ip address automatically (that was your default setting before starting hacking operation). 11-You are back online but with a slight difference:Your connectionn speed is 10mbit! If nothing is requested by the server, put a shortcut to tftp suite in your start up and after a reboot you can make sure that the server will ask for the file. But of course tcp settings should remain as described above while doing this. When successful, change the setting to "obtain an ip address automatically". The only step you can not succseed here may be learning your dhcp servers ip (which means you are an idiot) so once again: you can learn it by opening tcp/ip properties in windows. IMPORTANT NOTE:If you have a firewall installed this would definetly prevent tftp suite from being asked for the file and most of the time disabling the firewall is not enough. You have to uninstall it completely from the pc. XP users should not forget to disable the internal firewall of xp. This would do ok if no other firewall is installed at all. Once again: with a firewall installed you get nothing requested and xp's internal firewall applies too (disable And never forget to completely uninstall the firewalls in order to get the file asked and sent. Disabling is not enough. The hacked script which you need is ( which is mentioned above) you need is at: And there is also a jpg there (proof.jpg) which shows the hacked script being sent by tftp suite for those who do not beleive. As for the last words; I know that there will be ones who do not beleive in this and they gonna blame me as being a lier or a retard and my answer to them is: F U C K Y O U in capitals.Allright? This @#%$ works. I know by experience. But...I do not guarantee that your modem remains uncapped forever. The isp may get what is going on and reset the modem. Once they do it you are back to defaults.

19-Nov-2001 HereYaGo, what you said, is true. I tried with my Elsa Microlink Cablemodem, and it worked. I uploaded the new configs, and even downloaded the original file from my cable company. But there's something that you forgot to mention - you can't simply upload a crafted config file and expect that it will work, because you need the auth code witch is inside the original firmware, and its encrypted using MD5. That auth code, is used to check if the firmware config file is the original one, put by them. If its not, the cable company simply cleans the rom and uploads their own. Finally : the tools that can edit docsis firmware config files, ignore the auth code on purpose, so that no one tries to craft one, and fool the cmtm. I can't see a way of getting the auth code...maybe someone knows about a tool that can get the auth code...or even a tool that can crack MD5 :/ (plz, don't say brute-force. rofl) "

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La posdata no es na ke se me ha ido la olla xD