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    Hi there,
    to make a long story short, I had to reinstall my system 4 times in the last year due to spyware, worms etc., even though I am using Zonealarm and Norton AV.
    Now with my new system, I want to make things differently, that is better. I want to block the ports and mininmize the threat of getting intruders on my pc.
    I have a Zyxel router, probably a 643 (there is no proper name on the back).
    I try to follow ADSL
    Acceder al Menú Inicio -> Ejecutar y escribís lo siguiente: telnet sin escribir las .
    But when I type in the text the Ejecutar window disappears.

    Also, in internet explorer does not open.

    I need help, desperately.


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        Select your model in the official web site:…

        Select your model in the official web site:

        There you will find the downloadable files for every ZyXEL product.

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      The default behaviour of most ADSL routers, including ZyXEL…

      The default behaviour of most ADSL routers, including ZyXEL routers, is to block all the external WAN ports that aren't expecting an incoming answer to a previous outgoing connection from inside.

      Therefore, the typical question is "how to open" needed ports, but not how to close them. ;-)

      The default IP address for LAN interface is not the same in every ZyXEL product. Sometimes is but you can also find or other numbers. I can only refer you to the User Manual for that very exact model of router.