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ayuda con linksys wrt 54 g v6


saludos amigos gracias por la oportunidad de parte de esta gran familia mi problema es tengo dos linksys wrt 54g uno es el v8 y el otro es v6 que paso ambos estan flacheados dd wrt pero mi internet tiene un modem motorola y puse el linksys wrt 54 g v8 en modo cliente y me trabaja muy bien pero que paso me puse a configura el linksys wrt 54 g v6con los 2 el de micompa;ia de internet y el linksys wrt 54 g v8 ambos estan trabajndo a la hora de configurar el wrt 54 g v6 haora el peroblema es que cuando esta en configuracion use para ambos la misma ip y cuando esta configurandolo se callo el internet y el linksys wrt se callo y se quedo con la luz de power parpadeando y no puedo entrar a el con su ip e tratatado de todo y nada si alguien me da la mano muchas gracias amigos


parece ser que es un problema inherente del v6 ...

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problem: power led blinking rapidly, wireless led is off, my PC is unable to get an ip address by way of DHCP.

steps taken to revive it with dd-wrt firmware:

  1. cycle power several times to see if it would change.... nothing
  2. as a result of this, I am unable to follow the steps outlined above concerning
  3. performed a 30-30-30 reset.
  4. DHCP now running, but now the router is in "management mode" at, my PC was issued
  5. According to this wiki, it is advised to run "VXImgToolGui.exe" in order to save your MAC address so that's the first thing I did.
  6. Now, In management mode, I used the "vxworks_prep_03.bin" file to attempt to upgrade firmware since I am unable to do so logged in to router because the router wont boot. "Upgrade Success" at this point. The management mode page reloads again.
  7. I wait 5 full minutes (just in case) then, still in "management mode", I use the "My54gImage.bin" created with the ""VXImgToolGui.exe"" tool and run the upgrade again. "Upgrade Success".
  8. I wait 5 full minutes (just in case), then power cycle the router. I get the same "problem" as in the beginning only now I cant get back to management mode. I can still ping though.
  9. At this point, I used "tftp.exe" (included in the and prepare that for flashing using the included "dd-wrt.v24-12548_NEWD_micro.bin" firmware.
  10. Now, give your PC a static ip address (192.168.1.x)
  11. Power cycle the router, and as you see your PC's LAN connection pop in, run the tftp.exe as prepared in the step above. Flash successful!
  12. Wait 5 minutes and during that time, look at your router. The power led will stop blinking and go steady and the wireless led will finally come ON.
  13. After all this, I am able to power cycle router and log in to dd-wrt!! At this point, I upgraded the firmware to the one I really wanted to use. Everything works. And my MAC address is retained. I hope this is helpful to anyone else reading this. ;-)....pcdocta