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Aluguer Internet Movil - AJUDA


Hello Folks

My name is Pedro I work at ESPN Brazil (a sports channel) and I'm in Madrid for the UEFA Champions League Final.

Today I've went to a lot stores of moviestar and vodafone looking for a prepaid 3G data card, I found something but it's not quite what I expected. All the plans has ridiculous data limits, like 5mb/day and the speed is limited to 1mb down, and 346 kbps up.

I need to use a mobile internet to send FTP and live transmissions to Brazil. Since the prepaid does not do the job I was wondering if you guys know where to rent a data card for just a few days, or maybe one of you could rent it to me... We can work around a price and I'll be only using it until friday.

What you say? my e-mail is



I'm just checking vodafone offers and they are not so bad... If you have Vodafone prepaid card you could add for just 19€ unlimited (1GB full speed, then 128kbps) internet for a week. I don't know if you can understand Spanish but you've got prices in this website: (link roto)

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I See, maybe the lady at vodafone store didn't get what I was saying.

But anyway, you said 1mb/128kbps? What I would like to have is at least 800kbps up, maybe 1mb. That is because I'll be sending big files and it must be fast...

I'll try another store tomorrow morning, do you have any indication?

Thanks a lot!

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I'm sorry, I'm not from Madrid...

About the speed, I think until 1GB is full speed.. It means that if you can get HSPA+ signal maybe you can reach 2mbps upload's speed.

Anyway.. I'm not sure about the speed right now... It depends of you mobile/modem, signal, traffic saturation...

By the way... Have you call to Santiago Bernabeu's stadium? Maybe they have wireless connection or something like that...

I'm sorry but Spain is not heaven for high speed wireless connections as you can see...

That's what you have to say when you are in Vodafone's.

Spanish: Necesitaria una tarjeta prepago y un bono prepago de internet ilimitado por una semana que tiene un precio de 19 euros.

English: I would like to have a prepaid card and a prepaid internet bonus for a week with a price of 19 euros.

Don't forget your ID, in Spain you have to give all your personal information, even if it's only for a week.

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Ok! thanks a lot for your help.

I've spoken to the organization and they will provide me a 1mb internet... But if I can get the same with a mobile system it's better...

Well, thanks again!


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