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    Actualización firmware 3com 11g

    Hola, tengo el 3com OfficeConnect ADSL Wireless 11g Firewall Router (serie 3CRWDR100Y-72)

    Me he bajado la actualización que está disponible en
    lo puse en el router y va perfecto a pesar de que es un 3CRWDR100A-72

    Antes de actualizar recomiendo backup de los datos.

    Las características de la actualización:
    Added 3Com® OfficeConnect® Content Filter Service
    (3CSBCFS) – This subscription-based service allows
    you to block access to pornographic, prejudicial, and
    violent Web sites. Installing this firmware version also
    installs a 14-day free trial of this service. To activate
    the trial version of the service, you must first register
    your Router at
    If you want to continue using the service after the
    trial period, you must purchase the full subscription
    package, which is available on an annual basis.
    #9632; Simplified firewall configuration – The Web user
    interface for the built-in firewall has been improved
    to allow you to configure the firewall easily. Three
    levels of firewall protection are available: high,
    medium, and low.
    #9632; Updated datapump (ADSL driver) to v3.2.6.0 – This
    updated driver provides support for ADSL2+.
    Fixed problems of URL filter not overriding content
    filter settings
    #9632; URL filter now matches the entire URL string, not
    only the domain name
    #9632; Fixed unauthorized access issue. In previous
    firmware versions, you can download some
    sensitive configuration files, even if you are not
    logged on to the Web interface.
    #9632; Fixed PPP long connection problem
    #9632; Fixed MSS Clamping/AOL DoD problem
    #9632; Removed warning message in bridging mode
    #9632; Fixed issues with UDP streaming server on LAN side

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