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100Mbit/s simetrico por 99euros en suecia


Pues eso..en abril del año que viene les meteen eso a los suecos..lo he sacado de una web de noticias de 3d que tienen ahora son 10Mbit/s por unos 35euros cada mes...

Aaargh ! I want it ... The Swedish 'BredBand' ISP will introduce an amazing 100Mbit/sec broadband connection for 895 krone per month in April next year. That's about £70 a month, and that speed is in both directions. Quite irritating as bredband experimented here in the Netherlands for about a year and they pulled out of the Dutch market. Bredbandsbolaget will cap downloads to 300GB as part of the service it's offering. I'd say I could life with that !

Right now, Bredbandsbolaget is offering bi-directional 10MB connections for 330 krones a month without limits on the download. That's round about the average price for 512/256 ADSL here in Blightyland. According to the UK ADSL Guide, your £70 will get you 2MB/256K ADSL from a few suppliers.

One thing is a sure fact, broadband availbility is expanding fast. Next year here in the Netherlands the ISP @home will start an experiment with 10Mbit/sec connectivity also. Cool stuff!"

que es Europa?

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