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Sharereactor y Jigle


Como algunos podran haber notado, 2 paginas de intercambio de eLinks cerraron en los ultimos días, estas son y (link roto)

La primera fue cerrada por violación de copyright.

Una lástima perder estas 2 grandes páginas.

Acá dejo un articulo sobre el cierre de sharereactor. En la página de jigle se puede ver una aclaración de porqué se cerró.

Media news

Internet-Site taken offline

FRAUENFELD (kapo) Due to the suspicion of breach of copyright and trademark laws the cantonal judicial Inquiry department of Thurgau has taken down an Internet-Site that served as a link platform for filesharing offerings. A process concerning these matters against the 25 year old owner from Frauenfeld is underway.

The Internet-Site located in Frauenfeld was online for about 30 months and last had over 220.000 hits per day bevor it was taken offline by the Thurgau officials. The in search engines toprated site worked as a anchorpoint for links to downloads of copyright and trademark protectet games and movies that were offered on the filesharing network.

After a complaint from several large corporations, represented by the swiss association against piracy, the cantonal judicial inquiry department of Thurgau initiated an investigation, seized the servers in Frauenfeld and had the site taken offline.

The responsible owner, a 25 year old swiss proved to be very cooperative in explaining matters at hand. The inquiries continue and will take some time.

Ernst Vogelsanger

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