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Sera verdad esto del XP?

Segun esto el XP envia datos tuyos a Microsoft ayudándose de una DLL oculta. Esto lo hace sin tu consentimiento asi que no se hasta que punto será legal pero bueno. El articulo está en inglés y viene a decir lo comentado, que el XP se ayuda de una DLL oculta para sacar información de tu sistema y enviarlo a Microsoft sin que tu lo estes sabiendo: ...

Be Careful (Score:1) by Bob Abooey ( on Thursday October 25, @09:25AM (#2477324) (User #224634 Info | | Last Journal: Monday August 20, @01:41PM) I'm a core consultant for the eStrategis Group and I've been working with XP, in some beta/alpha/pre-release form for about a year now. Since, as your all aware, the eStrategis Group is still under NDA with Microsoft, I can't fully discuss the all the technical details, but I can give you all fair warning here. The release version of Win XP has a few hidden, uh, features, built into it that weren't in any of the beta versions. Namely, their is a new hidden DLL, called io32.dll in your system directory. You have to go into your settings->advanced->view->legacy->all dialog box and select the "revert system files" box to be able to see it. Basically what it does is take the hardware UID of all your components and, the hex value of the registry hz_install key and send it via TCP/IP right back to good ol Redmond. Yep, this thing basically sends a database stream of all your software installs and hardware components to a huge MS database. I would suggest running a network sniffer on your network (you can't run it from the Win XP box as they have a IP cloaker built into the dll) and watch all your info go right to the boys from Redmond.