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MLdonkey contraataca


Tras el sangrado y la suplantación que estamos recibiendo los usuarios de MLdonkey por parte de eMule. Está disponible la versión 2.02-6 en el cvs con unos cambios muy particulares.

Ahi va el changelog:

2003/01/22: Simon (tag unstable-2-02-6)
* Mainly a bug-fix release for 2-02-5. Lots of features still missing
(sources' scores are not saved, lastreqs,cancelled files sources not
immediatly removed,...)
- Fix: problem with downloads never starting
- Fix: problem with partial chunks not saved
- Added in the HTTP interface
- Better information on request results for each client
- New option 'verbosity' to choose which warnings to display.
2003/01/19: Simon
- Replaced date using floats by ints (lots of new bugs...)
Please, signal any incompatibility with guis (mldonkeywatch...)
2003/01/17: Simon
- Started implementing new source management system
2003/01/16: Simon
- Global change to use int64 instead of int32 everywhere. I hope I didnot
forget places, otherwise big bugs.
2003/01/16: Fabrice
- Added doc/overnet.txt
2003/01/15: Simon
- DonkeySources1:
* Old sources are stored in two queues to always start by the best ones
* FIX: Connected sources are also saved
* FIX: Connected sources are also printed
2003/01/14: Simon
- DonkeyInteractive: FIX: "out-of-bound" error
- DriverControlers: shorter help
- DonkeyProtoClient:
* FIX: for cDonkey, send both QueryChunksReq and QueryFileReq
- DonkeyOneFile: fixed non-shared partial downloads at startup
- Options: values can be aliases to reduce space usage ( used in file_sources.ini)
- DonkeySources1:
* FIX: sources are sorted to avoid recently-connected sources in
front of the queue.
* clients ranking > 1000 put in concurrent_sources, not good sources - DonkeyClient:
* connection lifetime of connection set to 1 minute, and prolounged
if either peer uploads or downloads
* FIX: challenge is also send for incomning connection
* ban clients with queue ranking > 1000 and send them a message
* send a bad QueueRanking to banned clients asking to enter
the queue.

- CommonOption: save_options_delay default set to 15 minutes
- config/ IRC compiled by default

Resumiendo y en castellano:

A parte de unos cuantos errores corregidos, destaca una característica:

Los cientes que NO dén un puesto menor a 1000 en el ranking de upload serán baneados.

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